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Who Is That Doctor?

When patients walk into our hospital, they assume that they are receiving quality care from a team of highly trained and competent providers. It is the responsibility of the Medical Staff Office to credential our staff in such a way that these assumptions are exceeded. Our Medical Staff Office credentials each physician, allied health, and... Continue Reading →

KNOW before you go

It's generally assumed that patients can trust their doctors and that they are who they say they are. We get warm fuzzy feelings when we walk into their offices or log onto their websites and see a beautiful display of framed degrees, awards, and certificates. Social media reviews assure us that we made the right... Continue Reading →

The Right Wrong Answer

I can still remember doing homework at the dining room table with a dictionary and an encyclopedia in front of me. My Dad would tell me that the book was wrong and I remember being in dilemma. Who was I to believe? The man who had raised me and who seemed to know everything? Or... Continue Reading →


Is there a part of your body you don’t own? Well, that could depend on what you did or did not sign. A concept possibly best understood by boxer Mike Tyson after being the source of a 2011 copyright infringement lawsuit filed by his tattoo artist Steven Victor Whitmill, against Warner Bros. Essentially Warner Bros.... Continue Reading →


Sex in the City star Charlotte York's gardener was the perfect example of an attractive home helper gone bad. Ten minutes into the episode, viewers could see that this was a recipe for disaster. One cup marital issues, half a cup insecurity, and a whopping teaspoon of temptation and wha-la, you’ve just created a half-baked... Continue Reading →

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